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Interdental Brush

Patented item A uniquely designed interdental brush with the ability to be used at different angles to make cleaning easier. With a replaceable brush head making it more economical and environmentally-friendly. Complete wtih 5 brush heads and a smart travel case. Ideal for travelling.

Brush Pick

Color : Ivory Material : POM(Polyoxy Methylene Copolymer) Size: 65 x 1.66mm / Bristle : 1.5~3.8mm Features : The groove design on the handle ensures a firm grip. Top oval-shaped flat brush is easier access to dental gap.  0.4 mm thickness, material is tough and flexible, can be bent and slide into the  deeper between teeth , move back and forth rotation to removes food particles and clean plaque more effectively. The other side helical line stick removes food particles and clean plaque between teeth. 0.4 mm thickness, flat and thin toothpick easy to slide between teeth.   POM material is more safe and hygiene than wooden tooth pick.

Floss Pick

Handle Material : PS Floss Material : UHMWPE Size : 75.0 x 20.5mm Packages : PP Case, Blister Card, Zip Bag Features: • Helps remove the food and plague that a toothbrush can miss. • Prevents gum disease and tooth decay. • Maintains healthy teeth and gums. • Glides easily between teeth and freshens breath.

About Us

The factory was set up in 1980 and it has already been in operation for decades now. We already have over twenty years of experience in making top-of-the-line oral hygiene products. Maintaining thoroughness and care throughout, our products meet the standard of cleanliness and are available in a number of countries.

A complete set of facilities, many years of experience in the molding process, a well production and packaging environment, as well as well-trained staffs and a full line of products with high standards of cleanliness.

We received the ISO certificate 9001 in 2003, this has been a certification of assurance as well as the beginning of a new step. The following are our principles and always be followed:

• Thorough and careful attention to the production and packaging process.

• Strict quality restriction and consideration of sanitation.

• Unceasing innovation to meet the demands of a changing marketplace and customer satisfaction.

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